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Mane-6-journal by imageconstructor Mane-6-journal by imageconstructor
Cover and back of the journal the Mane 6 keep.

I needed a symmetric version of the Elements gemstones, so I traced MLP Resource: Elements of Harmony by *grievousfan.



MLP:FiM and characters are property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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GlitchyShadow137 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Books! *ding*
XGluon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
A small note I must add:
I asked Amy Keating Rogers (via Twitter) where the Mane Six got their journal...
...and it turns out that this is the exact same book as the Royal Sisters' journal.  The Mane Six just filled in all the empty pages.
:icontssmileandwaveplz::iconsaysplz:...Well, you weren't using it anymore...:iconsaysendplz:
werecass Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Artist
XGluon Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Well, I got The Journal of the Two Sisters...
...and I was disappointed to learn that there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in regards to where the Mane Six got this journal, nor if Celestia knows that they are using it.
(Although that means that my headcanon that Celestia had this journal custom-made for the Mane Six still works.)

But since I had the McDonalds MLP Rainbow Power toys of Celestia, Luna, and Twilight...I could pretend that me, Twilight, and the Royal Sisters were all reading the Journal of Friendship together! ^_^
wolfheart01 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thankyou for sharing this  and come check out my art i created you in the biggest way possible x3 
wolfheart01 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
XGluon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
OK...somebody PLEASE reply to this comment:

Doesn't it ANNOY you that we NEVER, EVER get to see what the Mane Six DO with their journal once they're done with an entry?

I mean, we almost ALWAYS got to see friendship reports being sent.
But for SOME reason, the writers think it's a good idea to change the focus of the scene instead of showing what they DO with it.
(I know that there's no time too, but as I said, since we almost always saw friendship reports being sent, it's awkward having them not answer the question of "What do the Mane Six DO with their journal after they're finished with an entry?")

I DO believe that the Mane Six let Celestia look at the journal entries, though.
After all, in "Twilight Time", Twilight let Sweetie Belle write a journal entry, even though the journal rightfully belongs to the Mane Six.  This vaguely hints that Twilight uses the journal to show Celestia what she's learned(on her own; after all, she isn't Celestia's student anymore), what her friends have learned, AND what Twilight has taught other ponies(Celestia DID want Twilight to be a teacher to others).
AND, in the same episode, it's revealed that Twilight HAS been avidly researching the box, even though she's never been seen doing so onscreen.  So it's equally possible that Twilight lets Celestia read the journal entries offscreen.
Moreover, we NEVER, EVER see the Mane Six actually STARTING a journal entry...only FINISHING one.  This opens up the possibility that the entries are still addressed to Celestia.  (If you've read the book Dear Mr. Henshaw, you'll understand what I mean.)
Alternatively, when the Mane Six have completed their journal(they DO appear to be past the halfway point already), they'll give it to Celestia for safekeeping.
(The fact that the upcoming official book "The Journal of the Two Sisters"  will be comprised of both the Royal Sisters' journal entries AND the Mane Six' journal entries seems to hint that the Mane Six will be all done with their journal at the end of this season.)

Still, considering how we almost always saw friendship reports being sent, it doesn't make sense why we don't get to see what the Mane Six do with their journal after thy're finished with an entry.  It is DEFINITELY something we ABSOLUTELY MUST ask the writers.

(But there is one more thing that troubles me about the journal...WHERE did the Mane Six get it?  I worry that their journal may actually be......cursed.
 ......Looks like I just thought up a new fanfic idea.)
imageconstructor Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
In my head the journal is sent to Celestia and back after every entry / every other entry / every week or something like that. I think the reason we never see anypony start an entry because it would be boring to see them write "Dear journal" or similar every time. Giving the journal to Celestia for safekeeping makes no sense to me, Ponyville has a nice little library for storing books :-)
The idea of "finishing" the journal also makes no sense to me, it seems like a thick book to fill with such short entries so it would take years to acutally fill it. Even if they do Ithink they would probably just use a new one for the new stories.
I can't imagine the journal to be cursed in the show but I would probably read a fanfiction about it :-)
XGluon Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Sorry for double post, but...yeah, I agree that they'd send her the journal with the same regularity as the friendship reports.
(In fact, I actually believe that the journal was custom-made for the Mane Six at Celestia's request.  Explains why a journal would just so happen to have a cover illustration of the Elements of Harmony gems.)

And I have to note that the entries are actually fairly long; but the vast majority of an entry is omitted because the entry itself is primarily a recap of the episode it is written in.

And my "cursed" idea was more like this: "the journal is a prison for an evil entity, and with every entry written, the seal on the entity gets weaker".

...I'm actually hoping for an episode in Season 5 where the journal plays a key role in the episode's plot.  A good idea is the "Trixie steals the journal so she can copy all its entries" thing that I mentioned.
imageconstructor Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
I can imagine the journal playing a role in either the season 4 finale or a season 5 episode. I think it could vanish mysteriously and Twilight / Spike freak out the whole episode only to find it under the carpet in the end :-)
XGluon Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
Sorry for the late reply, but...

...the journal DID play a role in the Season 4 finale; by going over the entries, Twilight realized where the keys were.
THAT was the journal's true purpose in Season 4's story arc: telling the Mane Six how to open the box.

So you could say that, all this time, the Mane Six's journal was the book about the "mysterious" box that Twilight was looking for in S4E03.
(But the question still remains...WHERE did Twilight GET this journal? (Judging by how it has a cover illustration of the Element of Harmony gems...I'm guessing Celestia had this custom-made for the Mane Six.))

But seeing as how the journal has now fulfilled its REAL purpose(promoting the book "The Journal of the Two Sisters"), I think that the Mane Six will go back to writing friendship reports in Season 5.
(This makes sense when you consider the fact that, at a recent convention, Nicole Oliver(Celestia's voice actress) said that even she misses the friendship reports.)
XGluon Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Yeah, I figured that they'd let her see the entries in around those intervals as well.  I mean, Twilight's not Celestia's student anymore, but she still has a lot to learn about friendship; and it would be unwise to not show Celestia that Twilight and her friends are still learning about it!
(And besides, "Magical Mystery Cure" shows that Celestia has been observing ALL the friendship problems Twilight has solved in the past, and she most likely has observed-and is still observing-the friendship problems that Twilight's friends have solved as well.)

I just didn't like Twilight's hint at a G4(this generation)-G5(next generation) continuity nod, that's all.
(But I shouldn't worry; the previous generations of MLP didn't have any continuity between each other(excluding names).  AND this generation still has a ways to go.)

And in regards to the entries...Amy Keating Rogers(who is writing the book "The Journal of the Two Sisters") said herself that the entries actually vary in length.  In my honest opinion, we're only seeing the last paragraph of the entry. (As I said, the Mane Six DO appear to be halfway though their journal.)

(By "cursed", I just meant "there's an evil sealed away in it, and with every entry the Mane Six write, the seal on the evil gets weaker".  After all, we didn't see WHERE the Mane Six got their journal from...for all I know, they could have gotten it from that same shady store where Trixie got the Alicorn Amulet!)
(If "cursed journal" doesn't work with you...I've got a much more light-natured and humorous idea: Trixie(having been a former student of Celestia) gets jealous of the Mane Six for writing in a friendship journal, and so tries to steal it from them so she can copy their entries into her own so-called "Great and Powerful Journal".)
Claritea Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why do I think this is Twilight's key?
XGluon Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Sorry for the double post, but...
I actually doubt that is Twilight's key.

Reasons being:
*The Mane Six are given their keys for demonstrating their element's virtue.
 We didn't see the Mane Six getting their journal(although I bet that Celestia gave it to them), but it's safe to say that Twilight did NOT demonstrate magic/friendship to get it.
*The journal belongs to ALL of the Mane Six.  ALL of them, not just Twilight.
*The key items themselves thus far(The rainbow thread, the Wonderbolt pin, Boneless the rubber chicken, the flower, and the bit coin) are commonplace items that can be easily replaced(Heck, Applejack's key is MONEY!).  This journal is CLEARLY one-of-a-kind; the Mane Six wouldn't find a journal with a cover illustration of the Elements of Harmony in a run-of-the-mill bookstore.(I imagine that Celestia had it custom-made for the Mane Six.)

If anything, the journal will be what triggers the reawakening of Twilight's Element("rainbow eyes" = Element reawakened).  It'll clearly happen in a similar fashion to how the friendship reports cured Twilight of her Discording in "Return of Harmony - Part 2": that is, Twilight will realize that friendship IS magic (see what I did there?) by reading over the journal entries.
XGluon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
I actually don't think it is.  After all, the keys are GIVEN to the Mane Six for DEMONSTRATING THEIR ELEMENT'S VIRTUE.
We don't know how the Mane Six got their journal, but it's safe to say that they either bought it or found it, and there was NO Element virtue demonstrating involved.

Moreover, within the "key-finding episodes", the key items turn out to be somewhat unexpected by the viewers.
(The only exceptions were RD's key (the Wonderbolt pin) and Pinkie Pie's key (Boneless the rubber chicken); those were pretty obvious.)

I think that, if anything, the Mane Six's journal will be what TRIGGERS* the reawakening of Twilight's Element(Magic).  It'll be used in a vaguely similar fashion to the friendship reports in S2E02, "The Return of Harmony: Part 2"; that is, Twilight will be reminded that friendship is magic by re-reading the journal entries.

*A bunch of fans (me included) believe that the "rainbow eyes" thing that a member of the Mane Six does in a "key-finding" episode indicates that their symbolic Element(the one that they embody) has just reawakened.
The "triggers" are those things either in or illuminated in the body colors of the Mane Six that cause her eyes to do that rainbow shine.
Here's what the triggers were:
-S4E08 - Rarity Takes Manehattan (Rarity - Generosity): The rope that marks the area where the rest of the Mane Six should stand
-S4E10 - Rainbow Falls (Rainbow Dash - Loyalty): The ray of sunlight that shines upon the Ponyville flag
-S4E12 - Pinkie Pride (Pinkie Pie - Laughter): The streamers that land near Rainbow Dash after she gets pinned underneath the pinata
-S4E16 - It Ain't Easy Being Breezies (Fluttershy - Kindness): Seabreeze's wings
-S4E20 - Leap of Faith (Applejack - Honesty): The ray of sunlight that shines through the tonic bottle
XGluon Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
You know what bugs me with the journal?

(I mean, think about it. The friendship reports at least gave Celestia a tiny bit of screentime, since they had to be sent to her.)
This is especially true when you consider the fact that, excluding premieres and finales, Celestia always appeared in around two or three episodes in the last three seasons, and Luna appeared in at least one episode in the last two seasons.

So what I have to say is, unless Celestia and Twilight talk about how the journal is coming along nicely(indicating that Celestia been looking at it, or at least acknowledging its existence) at some point later on, and its connections to the Mane Six's friendship make it into some sort of "harmony magic grimoire"(imagine Twilight being able to fire off magic spells from the journal) later on, I STILL won't like this change.  (The "journal becomes 'harmony magic grimoire'" idea sounds kind of ridiculous, but you gotta admit that it sounds really cool. AND it would be embarrassing for a future villain to have the Mane Six defeat him/her using a book. *XD*)
imageconstructor Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
I'm putting my hope in the fact that Luna's and Celestia's cutiemarks are embedded in the tree of harmony.
Besides, we are going to see more Equestria games stuff, the royal sisters would probably attend them.
More Equestria games also means more Cadence and I'm excited to see that :-)
XGluon Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Well, I have to agree with you: It's pretty much a given that the Royal Sisters will attend the Equestria Games.
(And it's highly possible that they'll witness the opening of the mysterious box as well.  After all, it appears that they're just as curious about its contents as the Mane Six are.)

Although there's two possibilities that I'm dreading if they DO appear in an episode:
*The Mane Six don't tell them about the journal, let alone write an entry in it, when they're around
*Celestia and Luna don't stick around to watch the Mane Six writing a journal entry

But yeah, they'll most definitely make another appearance in S4.  Let's just wait and see.
(I think I should ask the show's writers this question(but only about whether or not the Mane Six sometimes share their journal with the Royal Sisters). I just hope that they'll give me an honest answer, if they even ANSWER my questions at all...)

(But on a more humorous (and somewhat random) note, I'm considering making a Tumblr "ask" account of Celestia driven to almost the same level of craziness as "Lesson Zero" Twilight (e.g. she has frequent mood swings) from the Mane Six hardly ever keeping in touch with her. What do you think of that idea?)
imageconstructor Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
I love the idea of a "Ask crazy Celestia" tumblr, tell me when you do that :-)
Here's a question: "When did you receive the last friendship lesson from the mane 6?"
MLPFiMRox Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
*gets the EoH gems-shaped accesories*  
XGluon Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
The only question I have about the journal Celestia aware of the fact that the Mane Six use a journal now, and if so, is she OK with it?
(I mean, in S4E3, we only saw the Mane Six giving each other the OK to keep a journal.)

...You know, I think I should ask Meghan McCarthy about it on Twitter...
(After all, she DID clarify that Twilight's "Sonic Sparkleboom" was a burst of magic, not an actual Sonic Rainboom-lookalike. I just hope that she'll give me an honest answer.)
ShadTheKitsune Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
Thank you very much for attending to my request! It's exactly what I needed.

Now to get this properly printed.
imageconstructor Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
You are welcome :-) Did you finish your project? Will you post a foto of the finished result?
Pinkiepie03 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
Wow this is awesome! I can't belive what changes the show has gone through, twilight and the new format instead of letters this is awesome
XGluon Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
Actually, I can think of one thing that makes the diary not so awesome.
And that is the fact that even though Celestia allows Twilight to not send any more letters(due to her status as royalty), chances are she'll still expect the REST of the Mane Six to send letters.

And I can think of one of two consequences this will have:
A: When Celestia finds out that it's all because of the diary that she hasn't been getting any more letters from the rest of the Mane Six, she'll get mad and (threaten to) destroy the diary.
 (:iconangrycelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:Twilight, just because you don't have to write letters to me anymore doesn't mean your friends don't have to either.:iconsaysendplz:)
B: A similar scenario to "Lesson Zero" will occur, albeit Twilight will be concerned about her friends rather than herself.
 (:iconcrazytwilightplz::iconsaysplz:If Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow don't send a friendship report SOON, Celestia will send them all to *gulp* Friendship Kindergarten!!! I've got to hide the diary, and FAST!:iconsaysendplz:)

Of course, I could think of two ways that this problem could be resolved before it even happens:
A: Twilight and the rest of the Mane Six had a (offscreen) discussion with Celestia regarding the diary, and she gave the OK for them to write what they've learned in it instead of sending letters
 (I wouldn't be OK with that, though)
B: The Mane Six use the diary as a sort of "reusable friendship report"; that is, every time they've finished writing down an entry of their experiences and lessons, they have Spike send the diary to Celestia and Luna for them to look over and write down their thoughts on the entry. Once the princesses are done writing down their comments on the entry, they send the diary back to the Mane Six.
 (THIS I would be OK with, because it's "actually not all that different when compared with the old format", like Alicorn Twilight.)
MLPFiMRox Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Twilight's already a princess even BEFORE she got wings. Look at the trading cards. BUT she's just listed Twilight Sparkle in the season 2 finale - Games Ponies Play credits instead of Princess Twilight Sparkle.
MLPFiMRox Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
You know what she got royalty status even when she was a unicorn? Her brother, Shining Armor, married Princess Cadance, Celestia and Luna's adoptive niece. The trading cards listed Twilight as royalty instead of non-royalty.
imageconstructor Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
I think now that Twilight is a princess, Celestia expects her friends to share their friendship lessons with Twilight :-)
XGluon Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
 Yeah, but then that will mean that, unless Celestia gave them the OK for them to use a journal, Twilight's going to get worried about the fact that her friends haven't been doing friendship letters PERIOD, and then...can you say "Lesson Zero 2"?

(...Strangely, part of me is hoping that the S4 finale villain(since the S4 premiere didn't have a villain per se, that means that they're saving the villain for the finale) DESTROYS the diary at one point.)
Pinkiepie03 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
I know that the diary idea is a little bad in some places but what i mean is the show goes through some changes that change the entire format of the show that other writers would be terrified to do without dissapointing their fans. Mlp knows it has some stable fans who will stay with them no matter what because most of us grew up with it. So it knows it can change and develop without loosing the fans. Though, i wish the series may not end i think the show is starting to wrap up. Rainbow is nearlly in the wonderbolts. Twilight is a princess. Fluttershy is now more confident and assertive. And the cmc (i hope) will most likley get their cutie marks in season 4. From now i predict another 1 or 2 seasons. So i guess their trying to see what big changes they can do with such a loyal fan base. Though this is only my opinion.
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